Pastor Star R. Scott’s Recommended Reading List

Pastor Star R. Scott has served Calvary Temple Ministries in Sterling, VA for over forty years, inspiring his congregation with the teachings of Jesus and working to enrich his congregation and community through various outreach endeavors. Throughout his time as leader of Calvary Temple Ministries, Pastor Scott has also been devoted to sharing his understanding of the faith through writing. Pastor Scott has published an extensive collection of books, five of which are featured below, based on the fundamental doctrine and application of Biblical teachings. All copies of Pastor Scott’s books are available for digital download free of charge.

Calvary Temple Sterling VA Pastor Scott Reading List

Adam’s Rib: Headship, Helpmeet & Lovers

Pastor Scott preached this 12-part series of messages in 1996 revealing the heart of the Creator for family order. This classic book, taken from those messages, provides a clear understanding of the roles of husbands and wives in a Christ-centered marriage. Packed with practical insights, it is a must for Christian marriages, new and old, and for singles desiring God’s best for a life’s mate. This is sure to stir you, provoke you, and change your home if you will allow the Spirit of God to work HIS PLAN in your heart.

The Goodness of Grace, Volume 1

The Goodness of Grace Vol. 1 is the first of a 6-volume series comprising excerpts on the topic of grace from over a hundred of Pastor Scott’s teachings for over a decade. This volume lays the foundation of the “Good News” of grace, starting with the ruin of man through sin, the condemnation of God’s righteous law, and culminating with God’s redeeming love and gracious rescue! The Gospel presented in these 54 pages from God’s Word is a heart-strengthening venture for baby Christian or mature saint alike.

Holiness: Jesus’ Imminent Return

For more than 35 years, the imminent return of Jesus Christ has been the daily expectation of Pastor Scott and the crown jewel of his teaching ministry. Heart-provoking excerpts from various sermons are sure to excite a passion and rekindling in your heart for the soon coming of the Lord. Holiness: Jesus’ Imminent Return will encourage you in many practical areas to expectantly live holy lives as we eagerly await the blessed hope.

Holiness: The Holy Pastor

Instilled with God’s Wisdom from living the Word of God in pastoral oversight for over thirty years, Pastor Scott has a special ministry to pastors. Avoid the common pitfalls in ministry today, such as neglect of family, spiritual pride, or failure to lead by example. A pastor is not to be a one-man show, but is to develop young Timothy’s to carry on the standard of holiness to the next generation. This book is a must for anyone in spiritual oversight, from pastors to husbands and fathers.

Holiness: We Shall Be Like Him Volume 1

In Volume 1, Pastor Scott teaches what the Scriptures reveal about God’s awesome majesty and holiness. Excerpts taken from a number of sermons are arranged to show what our fear and reverence of God should be. It is based upon encounters both Old and New Testament saints had with the Holy One. More than a mere theological study, Pastor Scott brings forth many practical areas of devotion and service to this absolutely transcendent God that we call Father.

These comprise just a portion of Pastor Scott’s collection of published works on Biblical teachings and their applications. Find a complete list of Pastor Scott’s works here.

Pastor Star R. Scott’s Recommended Reading List

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